Carousel Chat Room Guidelines
You must be 18 yrs of age or over
At The Roller Coaster Room
we believe in freedom of speech and trust that
as adults, we can treat each other with respect

*Please be respectful of other chatters*

*Discrimination will not be tolerated*

*Racism will not be tolerated*

*Please keep religious conversations respectful and considerate*

*Aggressive sexual behavior will not be tolerated*

*Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated*

*Harassment will not be tolerated*

*Discussions about guns or other deadly weapons is discouraged*

The Carousel Chat Room is a

Conversations in the Carousel Room are much like social conversations in
person. They range from light subjects like tv, movies, games, sports,
books, cooking and art and more serious subjects such as world events,
news, politics and religion to personal subjects such as family, health and
mental health.     

Visitors are expected to take part in conversations with the other chatters.

This means participating in conversation topics that are introduced by other
chatters as well those that happen naturally in the course of conversational
Chatters are also encouraged to initiate conversations while keeping
considerate of conversations that may be already taking place.

Observing is not allowed.

Members not partaking in the conversations will be disconnected.
They are welcome to return when they are ready to chat.

This creates a much more secure feeling environment for the rest of the

Nobody is expected to participate in every conversation but everyone is
expected to participate in some.

When you enter the chat room keep in mind that the other chatters aren't
just entering with you, conversations could be in full swing.
Please be considerate of that fact.

Chatters are required to use the same name each visit. If a name change is
desired they are required to inform the other chatters of the change.

The members at The Carousel Room are a kind, friendly, compassionate,
caring and forgiving group  of people.
Please treat them with respect.  
Moderators at the Roller Coaster Room are trusted members who
take into account the concerns of other members when they are making
moderating decisions within the chat room.
Individual incidents will be dealt with by the moderator/moderators who
are present at the time.

Should a problem persist the situation will be discussed amongst the
moderators and myself (administrator) and a decision will be made based
on the that discussion.   

In the 2 1/2 years I've been running this website, I've seen many different
personality clashes and the drama that can kick up surrounding those
*I've learned to be patient and forgiving but vendettas, bullying or
malicious agendas will not be tolerated.
As operator of the website I will take it upon myself to suspend privileges
of those who choose to use this website as a tool to carry on such
If you require assistance please email
2021 ©Roller Coaster Room
What if there isn't a mod present?
As an individual you can distance yourself from an offensive chatter by
using the ignore feature in the chat room.
Click on the users name- click on the green gear- choose 'Ignore'
When you have someone on ignore you cannot see what they say.
(they can see what you say)

As a group you can effectively mute a chatter. If all chatters ignore a
member, nobody will see what they are saying, they are 'muted'.