Mental illness support chat room. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective diorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, ptsd
Chat Room Guidelines
At The Roller Coaster Room
we believe in freedom of speech and trust that
as adults, we can treat each other with respect

*Please be respectful of other chatters*

*Discrimination will not be tolerated*

*Racism will not be tolerated*

*Please keep religious conversations respectful and considerate*

*Aggressive sexual behavior will not be tolerated*

*Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated*

*Harassment will not be tolerated*

*Discussions about guns or other deadly weapons is discouraged*
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Moderating decisions are made by the group.
If there is a disturbance that requires action, the group in the chat
In the event that moderation is needed within the chat room,
the group that is present will decide
what action should be taken:
disconnection of offending chatter          
banning of offender

The chat room moderators are peer chatters who live with the
same challenges as the rest of the group and are not
expected to police the chat room.
They have agreed to perform the technical actions asked for by
the group present within the chat room at the time.

If you see a problem in the chat room,
bring it up with the rest of the group.
If the majority agree. Ask a mod to take action.