Please feel free to use the room for:
-individual support conversations
-subject specific support groups
-in depth, topic specific discussions
-interest and hobby  clubs
-scheduled or spur of the moment

If you are hosting a meeting or club,
please feel free to use The FunHouse to announce
your meetings so members in the
Carousel Room know to join in.
Have an idea for a discussion? Take the initiative.
Host your own!
It's your space, enjoy using it.
Some ideas for support groups:
-Anxiety support group
-Depression support group
-Social Anxiety support group
Ideas for interest and discussion groups
-Book Club
-Sports Fans
-Health Talk
Start a spur of the moment topic specific discussion.

You may have found an interesting article about mental
illness or another subject and would like to hear what
others think about it.
Post the link to the article in the Club House chat room
and then post a notice in the FunHouse to let everyone
know you have begun a discussion topic.
Leave it all day if you wish.
Come back and check later
to see what people had to say about it.
Feel free to use these announcement posts.
Just right click on image and choose
'copy image address' or 'copy image location'
Then post it into the FunHouse window to let others know you
have begun a discussion.
Add details about your group or discussion below the image
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