To Post in the FunHouse

Pictures from your computer:
-Click little grey paper clip at right side of funhouse type box.
-Choose "Add File"
-Choose the file from your computer

YouTube Videos:
-Go to the video in YouTube
-Find the 'Share" button and copy the link.
Then go to the Funhouse:
-Right click on the type box Choose "paste"
-Hit enter on your keyboard

Posting Pictures from other Websites:
-Go to the picture you want to post
-Right click on the picture
-Choose 'copy image address'
-Paste into Funhouse typebox
-Click enter
*facebook has blocked users from using this method on fb.
*Some pictures are encrypted and won't show when posted.

- Some devices my vary slightly -   
Did you know?
You can click on pictures in
The Funhouse
to enlarge them in a new window.
The Funhouse is an extension of the Carousel Chat Room.
After you've registered at the Carousel Chat Room
send an email to
with the subject line "Funhouse Access"
To log-in to The Funhouse
use the same name and password you use to log-in to the chat room
The FunHouse is next to the Carousel Chat room.
The the mobile Funhouse link is above the Funhouse.  

Members use the Funhouse to post pictures and music videos,
memes, greetings, announcements and more.
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