To Post in the FunHouse

Pictures from your computer:
-Click little grey paper clip at right side of funhouse type box.
-Choose "Add File"
-Choose the file from your computer

YouTube Videos:
-Go to the video in YouTube
-Right click on the address bar  Choose "copy"
Go to the fun house:
-Right click on the type box Choose "paste"
-Hit enter on your keyboard

Posting Pictures from other Websites:
-Go to the picture you want to post
-Right click on the picture
-Choose 'copy image address'
-Paste into funhouse typebox
-Click enter

 - not all pictures and videos are sharable.
- Some devices my vary slightly   
Did you know?
You can click on pictures in
The FunHouse
to enlarge them in a new window.
Contact information
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In the smiley box of The FunHouse you will find a selection of symbols
Just click the smiley face as shown below

Post a personal GOAL badge to celebrate your reached goals with your friends

Post  an achievement badge to share your personal achievements with your friends

Choose an award to acknowledge someone else's achievements

Choose a coloured heart to symbolize how you feel

The FunHouse and it's symbols are yours to use as you wish.
Be creative, be yourself, have fun!
Access to The FunHouse will be activated after you have
participated in chat room conversations.

Just ask another member to assist.
Log-in using the same details you use to log-in to the chat room
(you may need to refresh your browser window)
The FunHouse when being accessed from a desk top or laptop computer is a
window alongside The Carousel chat room.
This window is used by chatters to post pictures and music videos, memes,
greetings, announcements and more.

On mobile devices you just click back and forth from tab to tab to go from
The Carousel chat room to The  Fun House window.